Friends Forever

I am a person who loves to build friendships to last a lifetime, it takes a while with every person, as i take my own sweet time building trust and opening up. As i was thinking about my best friend today who is far away in India, and thanks to social media we are in touch every day, its interesting the way we began our friendship

Lets call my partner in all Crimes ;) Vi. She moved to the apartment near me when we were in 2nd grade, and when she moved we already had an existing gang of kids in the area who played together, the leader was called Joy. Vi was very friendly and was easily accepted into the gang.

Joy and Vi were playing a game called Jolly.... silly game now that i think about it, you are supposed to mark you hands with this little blob and then when you meet the person anytime you are playing this with, you need to show your hand, and if both have , its good, if not the one who doesn't have it should give the other one a candy.

Vi reached a point in the game where she owed Joy 14 candies and couldn't fulfill the request of Joy as per her requirements. Joy got really mad and broke her friendship with Vi, that evening there was a serious gang meeting and we were instructed by Joy that we should break our ties with Vi and no longer play with her and she was no longer welcome.

I was at the age where i went and shared all details of the day with my mom, and when i mentioned this incident to her she was like " the fight/misunderstanding is with Joy, why should you participate in it, it bad to do that to a little girl" and that gave me the strength to go and talk to Vi, and from that day onward we have been best of friends. Sharing stories from school, college, work, family,  music, movies. There isn't any subject under the sun we don't talk about.

She is my Friend Forever. I love you Vi.

I am so glad for the advice that my mom gave me, i owe her big time.... Thanks Mom.


  1. Interesting anecdote. The game of Jolly made you both jolly good friends for ever.

  2. Thanks SG for your comment.Thats so true jolly good sirjee

  3. I never knew this ! Cute post

    1. Thank you Shilpa for your comment

  4. and that is such a good advice the issue was between the other two ..

    and frienship is a blisssssssssssssssssssssss :)


    1. Thanks for your comment Bikram, I am so thankful for that friendship and the wonderful advice my mom gave me.


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