Dual Life Mentally

Have you heard of that term? Maybe, maybe not. I can assure we all lead that kind of life. Who in today's world doesn't have a world within themselves. This is also something  that people do in reality, have two separate lives physically or some might relate to this as being a different person at work and a different person at home

We all are always tied down by a bunch of things, societal pressure, family pressure, work stress. Constantly hustling to make things better and make others happy. In this run we sometimes forget we exist. Our first priority is to make ourselves happy, but then again, we are fundamentally taught to have a positive outlook, try to do whats right and not be selfish.

No one realizes to make things better and make people happy we lose energy. Someone once told me that "Being Positive all the time takes  a lot of energy" and when i delved deep into its meaning i realized , "that's so true". Re Channeling you energy from negative to positive is so much hard work.

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Does everyone think that way.... No way. There are some who are oblivious to others or their needs. they have absolutely no problem being selfish and are experts in sucking the life and energy from others. Are they wrong? Do they realize it? Some do and some don't.

Why cant we be ourselves and say what we want to the way we want to 24/7?
Why do we sometimes make decisions that benefit others more than us?

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Don't we realize someday all this would make us tired and all this bundled would lead to something bigger and worse. The best way in my opinion would be to open up to someone one anyone, a friend, counselor, family , friends who can be a listener let you vent and direct you in the direction that would be beneficial for your life

So sometimes take a breather gather the guts, back off  rethink and come back with a better alternative

Have a Brave heart and continue the never ending battle


  1. I think Dual Life Mentality is same as Double life. Many men and women are living in two worlds. They are caught in a web of lies. We can judge a person’s character by observing what he does when no one is watching.

    1. Hey SG but dont you think they are doing this not by choice?

      Thanks for your comment :-)

  2. I wish I wish life was simple where people say what they mean.. but its the modern world and i for sure am born in the wrong era...


    1. Thanks Bikram for your comments, I feel exactly the same way, in an age where things are already stressful and everything is a rat race, decoding peoples words and what they actually mean is painful.


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