When it Rains (Frozen Memories)

My earliest memories are when I was little, not sure how little, I would come home from School (India) in the afternoon my mom would give me really hot food and once done, I would nap on the couch.

The days when it would rain in Mumbai, oh my it was heaven. The couch in our home was placed very close to the window that had a netted cover.  I would feel the slight drizzle on my face while napping as if I am transported to a different world. Nap inside a comforter and very slight drizzle on my face wish there were ways to recreate those memories. That first rain shower, the fragrance of the wet mud, would waft and pull me to go out there and dance in the rain.

The first rain and the shoe stores would get flooded with people buying rainy shoes, streets busy for umbrella and raincoat shopping. Oh and somehow all the work that is happening in the apartment buildings would stop and we could see all constructions come to a standstill. My best friend would just push and pull me to go up the roof and play in the rain, those days.

Then the street food that would become active during the rains, I was always warned not eat them, but the rebel in me would take over, the hot corn rubbed with salt, chilli pepper and lemon that hot Spicy Vada Pav (Fast simple street food).  Now when I think about them, memory all vivid, I know it’s tough to get those times back but they live within me. Someday maybe……

                                                                    Vada Pav
Courtesy of www.crossingtravel.com

                                                                    Corn Butta

Courtesy of www.hungryforever.com

Courtesy of Jaipur Beat


  1. I am glad you like rains. You are in luck. In your area, there is going to be non-stop rain for the next 10 days beginning tonight.

  2. That makes me so happy already. Thanks SG for making my day

  3. I LOVE RAINSsssssssssssssssssss... not in uk though but definitely in India

    that corn looks inviting .. :)


    1. Totally Agree, I miss the street vendors so much here in the US. Thank you for your comment.

      The rains here are equally beautiful


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