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Happy Place

You might wonder what this is, maybe a place i have been to but that's not what this is, every time i want to escape from the chaos of life or all the hurdles life loves to throw my way, i escape to this place. Is this some place i travel to physically absolutely not, it's all in my mind.  I close my eyes, imagine myself there, feel the weather the calm quiet environment and within 5 minutes i have this energy and positiveness to tackle anything. How does this happen? totally clueless What does this place look like? something like this: To add a few more details, I come here and sit on a bench overlooking the water, and the time is twilight the sky has a hint of orange sometimes its blue and the water is calm. I hear the water the wind, the birds i shut everything else out. and the peace that fills my heart is indescribable. Can everyone do this ? Will it work for all. No Idea, but there is no harm in trying right? need not always be alone, you can

Are you being Judged?

Totally!! Every moment you come across someone you are judged, on what you may ask, on everything. Take it from the way you are dressed, the way you walk, talk, the accessories/gadgets you carry and believe me so many other things. And I am like , Who are you again, and why are you judging me? That question of mine is totally wrong i understand now. Because at the exact time they are judging us, we are judging them right back and you can say NO all you want, but subconsciously we are wired to judge. We would have to be saints who have abandoned their worldly materialistic love to be able to say that. Why do we judge others, I have often wondered and in my opinion its simply because we want to be aware, we want to know what is it that others are doing, saying the trend they are following so that we are up do date. We are creatures of a society want to belong in it and we don't want to be left behind. At the same time, we form opinion about people who don't fit the trend, w

Grass is Greener on the Other Side

I for one always thought, wow someone else has all their ducks in a row, everything straightened in their life.... what problem could they possibly have? Lucky People. Not once did I think, that they would be thinking the same about my life. When that thought hit me, I was like they don't even know what I have to deal with. But as time passed by, and some of them became part of my life as my best friends, realization dawned on me that it was not all green on the other side. Would I like to be part of the greener grass? Of course but not on their side, gosh no, my problems and issues seems so much manageable that theirs.Then the age old adage "Be happy with what you have" kinda knocked on my brain and I was like oooooo that's what it meant, don't wish for more be happy with what you have, and comparing and dreaming for someone else life is just a mirage in the desert.  And this is not merely for personal problems, this could very well be part of our prof