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Memories - I Miss You

My earliest memory are of my cousins, my brother and myself playing Bus Conductor (Ticket collector) and passengers where he would have this cardboard with newspaper pieces stapled to it and we would get on the bus and ask for tickets to different locations and he would tear them off, give them to us for some invisible money we give him. (BTW this game was in the balcony of our home in Mumbai) I miss you Anna (Anna was my way of calling him "Big Brother") As a child even though I am 7 years younger to him, i would keep even the littlest piece/quantity of food for him to share. My mom would do this prasad (Offering for god) every evening in this little cup Milk and sugar and would give it to me, i would always always keep even a little drop for him. I miss you Anna Just so you know we have fought a lot as well, i am my dads favorite and tears always did the trick where it would flow even before i have a slightest inclination that i was in Trouble. But for Anna since he