Memories - I Miss You

My earliest memory are of my cousins, my brother and myself playing Bus Conductor (Ticket collector) and passengers where he would have this cardboard with newspaper pieces stapled to it and we would get on the bus and ask for tickets to different locations and he would tear them off, give them to us for some invisible money we give him.
(BTW this game was in the balcony of our home in Mumbai)
I miss you Anna (Anna was my way of calling him "Big Brother")

As a child even though I am 7 years younger to him, i would keep even the littlest piece/quantity of food for him to share. My mom would do this prasad (Offering for god) every evening in this little cup Milk and sugar and would give it to me, i would always always keep even a little drop for him.
I miss you Anna

Just so you know we have fought a lot as well, i am my dads favorite and tears always did the trick where it would flow even before i have a slightest inclination that i was in Trouble.
But for Anna since he did not have this trick up his sleeve he would always get yelled it, and at times i would instigate and tell my dad all what he has been doing.
Sorry for what i did, I miss you so much Anna.

You were the one who taught me how to cross the busy Mumbai street. I still remember the day when i was doing this dance of trying to cross a busy street and then coming back cause some vehicle came, he held my hand and said " If you want to cross, cross, show your hand to the vehicle to stop and cross, do not confuse them" (In Mumbai, if you don't do this, you will never be able to cross any street)
Thank you Anna, I miss you

I always depended on my Dad or brother to fill any form for me. Maybe because i was unsure or fear that i might enter something wrong. One day he tells me, you know it's ok to try to fill it ask questions and if it is wrong, we can get another form and get it done again, If you don't try you will never learn.
I miss you a Lott Anna.

One story that my mom shared with me was ..... as a baby i would struggle to roll over as my hand would get stuck. Seeing my struggle Anna would come and turn me over.  I always thought that story was so sweet.
I never got a chance to tell you that. I love you Anna.

I never used to go to the bank to get anything done, just used the ATM for any money withdrawal (Why? scared have never been in, don't know what to do) Anna tells me "Go in, anyone you see ask them "Bhaisaab, mujhe passbook Update karna hai, kahan ya kaise karoon?" (Excuse me Sir/Madam i need to fill this passbook, where or how can i get it done?)
Thank you for teaching me that Anna.

Throughout our lives we had our ups and downs, but in all of those times i always knew you loved me and would always have my back. God decided to take you from all of us sooner than i would have wanted, but hey you know what they say" Its Destiny" (That's me justifying what happened)

I Love you and will always miss you and these and many more memories would always be with me as my strength, as your love. Thank you for being my Brother, My Anna.


  1. Moving words. Bonding you both shared comes out so very clearly Playing bus conductor was exactly, what I and my cousin sister used to do during our childhood. Must be one of the most favourite games children played is it not?

    1. I guess, since he was lot older than me, that was one of the games i clearly remember.
      Thank you for your comment.

  2. My heartfelt condolences. May he rest in peace.

  3. My current feeling - I should have had a Anna. That dint happen but at least my father could have been alive . Heart touching post

  4. Never had any elder brother, but wish I had ..

  5. My eyes are wet now, Dee. So sad to hear the loss of your dear loving brother.' May his soul have eternal peace'.


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