Meet Cute

 It was a chilly morning, Diya woke up to go for her morning walk by the lake, she geared up in her walking clothes got a bottle of water and left home. The lake was only 5 mins away from her home. It was just the view of the lake that made her want to get up and go for that walk every single day, and even on days she didn’t go for a walk she went and sat at her favorite bench to gaze at the lake and look at the sunrise.


This morning was no different, she always sat at her favorite bench after a walk to relax and enjoy that peaceful calmness. Little did she know that today would change her life forever. After her walk, she couldn’t wait for her Zen time at the bench. Today however when she approached the bench, it already had another person sitting on it, he was wearing a peach-colored T-shirt, and looked like he was having a Zen moment of his own and enjoying the view.


After careful consideration she sat beside him, and gave him a smile and said, “beautiful view isn’t it?”. Looked like he knew she was talking to him, but since he was listening to music, he missed what she said, slowly he removed it and asked, sorry what, she repeated what she said earlier and he confirmed, indeed it was. He asked her “You made it; did you have a good walk?”. She said “yes”, she said Hi I am Diya, and he Hi, I am Rajesh, and immediately said… wow what a coincidence, my Wife’s name is Diya too, is your husband’s name Rajesh by any chance, she laughed and said no.


The conversation from there was anything but boring, they spoke about some very generic topics, and he made them hilarious and supported with a long connecting story. Diya was fascinated and intrigued and before they knew it was more than 30 mins since they sat there talking. She said I have to get back to work, how about meeting here same time tomorrow? Rajesh Happily said yes.


As she was about to leave, Rajesh asked her hey, can I have your number? She said yes and they exchanged their numbers. She started walking towards her house and in her thought’s, she couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come soon enough to meet him again

To be Continued……


  1. Interesting beginning. Waiting for the next post. Seems like a real life story.

  2. Thanks for your comment SG....I am waiting for the next post as well LOL

  3. If Diya does not make a move, she will lose the chance of a life time

    1. You never know the twist and turns a story could have.... who knows Rajesh could be a serial killer.......

  4. Stop putting my life story on blast, and for everyone to read. Or were you referring to my 2004 movie 'Dreams'?


    1. Thanks for your Comment Diya ... Are you yourself not sure which is real or reel.... in any case why do you care as your movie as well as ur career as an actress tanked

  5. Interesting story...... waiting for the continuation.


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