Want or Need?

What do I want?
What do I need?
Are they the same
Should I pay some heed?

All the glitter and the glamour
Is it happy as it seems?
Fan following there are many
Or is it all just Gleam?

More and more we want
Soar the soul is the goal
Will this come to Taunt?
Or will this make me whole?

Content with the need
Will they pay some heed
Calm down my dearest heart
Life is good not all tart

Love's all the warmth & sugar
Care's all the shine & glitter
Joy's needed for the Spirit
I am a Fighter not a Quitter


  1. Beautiful poem. Last line is the best. I am a Fighter not a Quitter.

  2. As SG says above a beautiful poem.. and fighting all the way never giving up is the motto and shud be always ..


    1. Thank you for your Comment Bikram. I believe in being a fighter..

  3. Our needs are quite simple. But our wants make life more interesting by complicating it :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. Thank you for your Comment. Oh and that's an interesting concept...and now that i think about it, it does make our life more interesting.

  4. I guess, wants belong to a higher level than needs.
    Once we have our needs, we can have our wants.
    Nice, short poem.

    1. Thank you Pradeep for your comments. Needs before Wants... well said ...


  5. Excellent lines. Thank you.
    When I restrict my need
    And curb my want,
    My life turns indeed
    A pleasurable haunt.

    1. wah wah. Nicely put Mr KP . Thank you for your comments.


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