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City Girl - Am I??

Am I a City Girl? I think I am... I am from this cosmopolitan city in India (Not sure if you have heard about this place) now called Mumbai, earlier it was Bombay. Chaat Seller, Mumbai I was always surrounded by People being very busy trying to get to places, or street vendors selling aromatic, yummy food, inexpensive food and all of them changing as per the weather, for e.g. in summer we would have lemonade, buttermilk, icicles (all Indian flavored) and during winters we would have coal fired corn, samosas , vada pav.... So..... why am i sharing all this, cause i am now away from home and recently in a place that makes me very happy as it is most close to how my hometown is. San Francisco, I get off of the busy BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and totally not kidding when I say its packed during rush hours....(Reminds me of the Crowded Mumbai Trains) these high rises all office buildings and some apartment building as well. View of San Francisco, CA BART