Are you being Judged?

Totally!! Every moment you come across someone you are judged, on what you may ask, on everything. Take it from the way you are dressed, the way you walk, talk, the accessories/gadgets you carry and believe me so many other things.

And I am like , Who are you again, and why are you judging me? That question of mine is totally wrong i understand now. Because at the exact time they are judging us, we are judging them right back and you can say NO all you want, but subconsciously we are wired to judge. We would have to be saints who have abandoned their worldly materialistic love to be able to say that.

Why do we judge others, I have often wondered and in my opinion its simply because we want to be aware, we want to know what is it that others are doing, saying the trend they are following so that we are up do date. We are creatures of a society want to belong in it and we don't want to be left behind.

At the same time, we form opinion about people who don't fit the trend, why do we even care ?? Don't we have enough in our plates to deal with, but these are situations that puts us in a comparison mode, I am better than them and this in turns leads to who we chose to form friendships with or how we treat our neighbors or relatives.

What we fail to realize is all of the above, is a loss for us, because we lose out on some amazing people because we have judged them even before we know them. Remember that saying" Don't judge a book by its cover" So true. Why are we judging people on the exterior when its the heart that matters, If someone is dressed to the T but is rotten within what purpose does the exterior judgement solve, absolutely nothing.

Not that we can stop judging, but maybe we can try to put it in the back burner get to know that person give them the benefit of doubt and then decide what works for us.

What say, can we do that?

Have a funtabulous day


  1. We judge and we believe in our judgment Since we judge we believe it must be right. If someone is not what we want them to be, we become angry. We have very clear idea about how other people should behave but not our own.

  2. People who judge others quickly based on their clothes, etc. learn why not to do that, the hard way.

    Judging others is our way of figuring how to associate with others. Besides, we can always choose which judgements to take seriously- we can safely ignore most of them.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Thanks DI for your comment. Choosing which judgement to take seriously would definitely come with experience and insight.


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