Grass is Greener on the Other Side

I for one always thought, wow someone else has all their ducks in a row, everything straightened in their life.... what problem could they possibly have? Lucky People.

Not once did I think, that they would be thinking the same about my life. When that thought hit me, I was like they don't even know what I have to deal with. But as time passed by, and some of them became part of my life as my best friends, realization dawned on me that it was not all green on the other side.

Would I like to be part of the greener grass? Of course but not on their side, gosh no, my problems and issues seems so much manageable that theirs.Then the age old adage "Be happy with what you have" kinda knocked on my brain and I was like oooooo that's what it meant, don't wish for more be happy with what you have, and comparing and dreaming for someone else life is just a mirage in the desert.

 And this is not merely for personal problems, this could very well be part of our professional lives. Its kind of interesting how we are so nice and sweet to people we work with even if they drive us nuts, but as soon as we step into our comfort zone, we remove all our frustrations, anger, no filters with our family members even if they are the ones who care the most about us.

The day I changed my thoughts to pay attention to little details in my own life, work on them put in some effort miraculously things took a turn for the better. Isn't it how we all could turn around our lives, just a little twist in our thoughts and i believe miracles could happen.

Have a Beautiful Day


  1. This is your first post. Excellent writing style. I am honored to be the first one to comment.

    If we ask people if they want to swap their life with someone else, majority will not want to swap their life. Grass is not greener on the other side.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I feel this understanding comes as we grow older and as we experience life.


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