Happy Place

You might wonder what this is, maybe a place i have been to but that's not what this is, every time i want to escape from the chaos of life or all the hurdles life loves to throw my way, i escape to this place.

Is this some place i travel to physically absolutely not, it's all in my mind.  I close my eyes, imagine myself there, feel the weather the calm quiet environment and within 5 minutes i have this energy and positiveness to tackle anything. How does this happen? totally clueless

What does this place look like? something like this:

To add a few more details, I come here and sit on a bench overlooking the water, and the time is twilight the sky has a hint of orange sometimes its blue and the water is calm. I hear the water the wind, the birds i shut everything else out. and the peace that fills my heart is indescribable.

Can everyone do this ? Will it work for all. No Idea, but there is no harm in trying right? need not always be alone, you can be in your happy place with family, with someone who is not with you anymore, maybe a pet. why not its your imagination, sky's the limit.

Imagine Away


  1. Nice description. What you do is a type of "yoga". I do not know the name for it. The pictures are very tranquil. I wish I were there.

    1. Thank you for your comment, you mean meditation? That's the best part of Happy Place, anyone and everyone can go anytime :-)


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