Are you Serious!!!!

I recently read this article in a leading news paper that a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujrat was going to do free deliveries, if the child born was a girl child, also that they would give additional money if it was a 2nd girl child. This was mainly to even the 890 - 1000 ratio between girl and boy child.

My first reaction to this was, wow that's such a cool incentive to promote girl baby birth, but as the thought settled I was enraged, thinking... why are people so ignorant that they need to be lured in with money to deliver a baby girl. Here i purposefully add the word deliver, because i have no idea what these people would do, once they take the baby home.

In a country where you pray to a woman like Durga Ma, Kali ma, Devi who is Shakti (the one who has the power to control the lord), why do we need such an incentive, it shows out backwardness and just displays the sad state of the country.

You might say that there is so much good happening in the country other than this, i agree there might be, but today my mind is on this, its painful and shameful that we have to resort to such measure.

Don't get me wrong, I love this ray of hope this hospital has shown, a step in the right direction. But Seriously, will the right kind of people take this, will people do this just for money? Will they do something to the child once they go home? Thoughts that make me sad and make me pray that people come to their senses and make the right decision.

Cherish baby girls
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  1. Thought provoking post. I have a question. To me, this hospital thinks as though delivering a girl baby is in the hands of the parents, ala getting good grade is in the hands of a student. If you deliver a baby girl, here is the prize, ala here is a prize if a student gets good grade.

    In our family, my daughter is the first girl born in our family in the last 80 years. Now I have to wait another 60 years for another girl to be born in our family.

    How can we promote girl baby birth? Determining the sex of the baby is an act of God. Plus as you said, we don’t know what they will do with the baby girl after going home.

  2. Thank you SG for your comment. In India the main problem is once people find they are having a girl child, they abort it. Its after the fact of knowing whether a girl child or not, they don't want people to abort they want them to have the girl babies, that's the reason for the incentive.


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