Stay @ Home Mom or a Working Mom?

Here is a topic that I have been thinking about a lot, getting feedback from friends and family, going back and forth on pros and cons of this. Finally, today was the day I decided to share my thoughts and feelings on this.

Whatever is your choice to be a stay at home mom or a working mom, I applaud you for your patience, your energy for making it work the best way you know how.

Everyone decides on what works for their family, they have made their choice on how they want to do things, who are we to judge their choices, Maybe the working mom has a financial obligation, maybe the stay at home mom loves to stay at home and raise kids, maybe the working mom wants to have a career.

To all the stay home moms please

1. Don't think its easy on the working moms, they miss out on all the precious moments
2. It is not easy putting 8 hours and then coming home to take care of the little one and the home
3. Its very tough to leave the little one in care of someone else who would see all the baby's firsts

To all the working moms

1. Stay at home moms have a very tough routine to keep the child busy and entertained, it definitely       is tiring
2. Stay at home moms don't always get the kudos for all what they do
3. They don't have the 8 hour work to get to when they want to take a break for their sanity.

In the end, if the baby is loved and cared for and if it works best for your family do it. All that matters is that you have the support of your family in whatever you chose to do.

Happy Parenting.


  1. Very good points. Super. I like this post. Want to point out just one incident. In social gatherings like pot luck, working moms always get away with murder. Working moms were asked to bring couple of soft drink bottles whereas stay home mom was asked to bring 150 pooris just because she stays home.

  2. Thank you for you comment SG. If someone does that to a stay at home mom, it definitely is a potluck to be avoided in the future.

  3. I have been both and your points are extremely valid ...well written

    1. Thank you so much for you Comment. I have been only one so far..... but the maternity off from work was an eye opener.

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